SHIELD Adds One To The Team

Since ABC decided not to play a new episode of SHIELD this week, we must do with the news that Saffron Burrows can reportedly been cast in the role of Agent Victoria Hand. Now, this is just this side of a rumour, and normally I wouldn't report such a thing, except this is coming from Latino Review, which has a fairly solid track record of breaking Marvel-related stories.

Hand was one of the new SHIELD characters created by Brian Michael Bendis when he started his run on Avengers. Another character he created in the same era? Maria Hill, who was a bit of a black horse choice for Whedon to include in his film, but is now a fan favourite. Might Hand prove to be the same sort of magic for the series? Traditionally, Hand has been an antagonist, critical of Nick Fury's leadership and policies. While I doubt the series would involve Fury too much (what with his own SHIELD movie on the horizon), perhaps Hand's MCU counterpart will focus her ire on Coulson's leadership?

It is also important to note that Hand is a prominent lesbian character in the Marvel universe, and that is an area the MCU has not yet broached, though to be fair, we know nothing about any of the originally created SHIELD teammates. Maybe Hand's appearence will allow the show to explore more of the personal side to the characters. As for Burrows, I've got nothing but good things to say about her, having been a fan of since Boston Legal. If it turns out to be true, then it's only good news for the series.

 But ABC really shouldn't have taken a week off. Not with ratings they way they are.

Via the Mary Sue.
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