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As I previously reported, Justified season 5 will be making use of the extended Crowe family, as created by the late Elmore Leonard, and intimated on the show in various appearances of white-supremacist-of-very-little-brain, Dewey Crowe. Now it is known that, along with newly minted series regular Jere Burns, Michael Rapaport has joined the show in a recurring role as the villainous patriarch of the Crowe family.

According to TVLine, "Rapaport will play Dale Crowe, Jr., the sexy and charismatic patriarch of a white-trash Florida crime family. Dale’s an ex-convict who owns a gator farm; he is smart, savvy and ruthless, all in the name of family." Joining Rapaport in the 'gater game will be Alicia Witt as Dale’s daughter Wendy, the public face of the Crowe family, and X-Men: First Class actor Edi Gathegi as Jean Baptiste, "a former member of Haitian secret police turned criminal enforcer for the Crowe family."

Now, I don't mean to toot my own horn (my horn hasn't been tooted in a spell, let me tell you), but I called this back when they announced the coming of the Crowes. Dale Jr. is one of the few members of the Crowe family to have appeared in the novels, and was mentioned by name in the pilot, when Raylan meets Dewey. That Dale has a history with Raylan, and that the Crowes are based out of Florida, means we'll probably be digging into Raylan's backstory a little more, concerning his time as a Marshal based out of Miami, which was where the series began. Wendy is an original character, and I'm a little disappointed that the producers haven't included Dale Crowe Sr., the one legged head of the Crowe clan in Florida. Here's hoping that he'll show up at some point over the course of the season.

Via Crave Online.
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