The BBC Just Remembered Doctor Who Is Turning 50

So, here we have what is being called the first trailer for The Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary special. It isn't. Don't believe the hype. What it is, is a very well made piece of advertising for the fact that the series is turning 50 years old. It is a delightful (if slightly iffy in the CG department, much as those final scenes in the latest episode was) trek down memory lane (and wasn't it just heartbreakingly beautiful to see Sarah Jane in there?). It's nice to see all the nostalgia backing up, but it isn't what we wanted or what we need.

If this is a trailer for The Day, then it should have been released months ago, back when they announced the title. That's what this is: a title announcement trailer. And it's about two months too late. We've around a month to go until this thing drops, and we haven't seen moment one of it. At this point, we should have had this, an actual footage trailer, and maybe even a tease for a web exclusive prequel.

I can't help but feel that Moffat and the BBC, for all the arrangements they are making to commemorate that the show has been on for 50 years, have forgotten that above all else, the most important thing is that the show is still on, and parties and retrospectives are nice, but it's the show that matters and frankly after the last couple series we're all a bit worried that it might not be good. So show us something that will impress us.
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