What Ever Happened To "Give Peace A Chance?"

For all the complaining I did when they removed Superman's underoos for Man of Steel, that was nothing compared to the fiasco that has been Wonder Woman the past three years. At least Superman's uniform still looked like Superman. Blue, red cape, big frigger S on his chest. But in the past half decade, poor Wondie has underwent a dozen different and completely unnecessary uniform changes, starting with those pants, and just getting progressively worse from there. Culminating in her new, terrible outfit in the newest DC Animated film, Justice League: War.

I get the feeling that DC editorial and Wonder Woman's relationship is a lot like a really nervous 12 year old at his first dance, palms all sweaty and wanting to ask a girl to dance. They want to get to know Wonder Woman so badly, but just get frustrated and give up, opting to sit in the corner with the broody guy with a cool gadget. Only Azzarello has the self assurance to walk up, grab her hand, and dance like no body's watching. I'm not certain if my metaphor held together there, so I'll move on.

I usually look forward to these DC Animated films, but I think I'm going to give War a pass. The voice work in this trailer doesn't sound great (what little you could hear over that obnoxious soundtrack), and looking at the cast doesn't make it any better. Alan Tudyk and George Newbern are both talented men, but they've got their strengths and they've got their weaknesses, and their roles as Superman and Steve Trevor respectively probably should have been reversed. The rest of the cast too, which includes Jason O'Mara and Michelle Monaghan, are talented just ill suited to the roles they've been given.

The film adapts the first storyline from the New 52 rebooted Justice League book, Origins, and really the only reasons that story is being graced with an adaptation is because Geoff Johns wrote it (much like the previous release, Flashpoint). The book hasn't been out long enough to be considered worthy of adaptation, which it really wasn't. But the boss said this is what is happening, and thus is happens. Also, since these animated films are fewer and farther between than the books, I would think that the focus should be on adapting those storylines that have merit, meaning and a large fan base, or parish the thought, make some original works (like Dwayne McDuffie's pair of Justice League films). Now it seems like they are just adapting the most recent "event" story line from the books. And that's just boring.

Besides, they already did a "Fourth World attacks" film, in Batman/Superman: Apocalypse. Do we really need another one? Are better ideas so few?

Via Gamma Squad.
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