Winter Soldier Is The SHIELD Movie We Deserve

Marvel has settled into a perfect release schedule with their films, with a new one arriving every six months, and bringing with it a preview of the next film. While I'm looking forward to Thor: the Dark World, and am hotly anticipating Guardians of the Galaxy, I never thought I'd be this geared up to see a Captain America film. And the truth is, I'm still not. Because from the looks of this trailer (and everything we've known about the film to this point), this isn't a Cap film, it's the SHIELD film that was teased back around the release of Iron Man 2. Cap is only an element in the machinery. Which might not be the best news for Agents of SHIELD, because this films looks to be all the things that the series can never be.

But let's talk about this trailer. It looks amazing. Yes, it's only two minutes edited specifically to attract attention, but I think Marvel has earned the assumption that the film will be as good as it looks. And visually, it looks stunning. Thematically, it looks compelling (has Cap begun to let a little nihilism seep into his life?). I like all the touches; the slightly more Dark Knight influenced redesign of the Cap suit, the more modern hair styles on everyone, the strong Le Carre vibe running through the whole thing (Robert Redford helps add that layer of gravitas). And the one-two punch of seeing a fleet of helicarriers, and that they apparently won't last very long. While Hayley Atwell doesn't show up for a glimpse of her flashback (this is an action heavy trailer, we can assume the next one will touch on the emotions), we do get a glimpse of Anthony Mackie's Falcon suit.

I'm very excited about this film now.
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