You Will Believe A Woman Can Fly... Then Plant A Spear In A Minotaur's Eye

Warner Bros. isn't overly interested in making any non-Batman related films (look at how quickly a Man of Steel sequel became Bruce and Clark's High School Reunion), and despite their claims to the contrary, they really aren't interested in making a Wonder Woman film. This is, despite the fact that the public wants a Wonder Woman film, that a dozen different writers, directors and actresses would jump at the chance to make a Wonder Woman film, and that despite this misogynist belief that female-lead films are marketable or profitable, a Wonder Woman movie would have an audience. The only reason Warner Bros' previous non-Caped Crusader comic movies haven't been successful is because they have been, almost uniformally, terrible.

So, in our desperation, we clamouring public turn to something we don't fully understand: the internet. And it gives us what we want, which in this case is a heavily stylised, really very wonderful Wonder Woman fan film (fan trailer, really) from Rainfall Films, directed by Sam Balcolmb, and starring Rileah Vanderbilt as the Amazon princess. It strikes absolutely the right tone, as an appropriate Wonder Woman movie would have to have the sort of grandeur and fantasy feel of The Lord of the Rings. Or at the very least, Game of Thrones. And despite recent rumours, I think a lot of potential for a real Wonder Woman movie getting (yet another) attempted green light will depend on how well Thor: The Dark World makes out in November.

And if DC and Warners actually get the stick out of their ass on female heroes, might we float GoT director Michelle MacLaren as a potential helmer for Diana's big screen debut?

Via ComicsAlliance.
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