And Now For Something Completely Revisited

At a press conference yesterday, the surviving members of Monty Python announced that they would be reuniting for a one-off show at London's O2 arena on July 1st of 2014. The show, called Monty Python Live (mostly), will be directed by Eric Idle, and according to him feature "comedy, pathos, music and a tiny piece of ancient sex." Tickets will go on sale on November 25th, and are expected to be impossible to get shortly after that.

The entire announcement was met with the Python's usual manner of irreverency (the lot of them seems to agree they were all doing it for the money) and apparent dislike of the intended audience, actual bits of information did leak out between the jabs. While the show won't feature new material, it will feature previously unperformed material, as well as modern versions of their greatest hits. Said John Cleese, "the main danger we have is that the audience know the scripts better than we do."

Cleese also mentioned that, while the show is intended to be a single performance, which they will broadcast live and release on DVD afterwards, they are leaving the door open for a possible tour, schedules permitting. And while Graham Chapman leaves a sizable hole of talent in their ranks, I'm sure the group will only draw attention to the fact with their usual decorum and dignity.

Via the BBC.
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