Children In Need? Call A Doctor

If you look at the DVD specs for the release of the Day of the Doctor in December, you can see that the disc will include three episodes: one 75 minutes long (the main feature), one 6 minutes long (the fantastic Night of the Doctor) and one 3 minutes long. This... is not that yet to be released episode. This is simply a clip from the main event, released for Children In Need over the weekend, which shows us how Ten and Eleven get together. Sonic measuring contest to commence shortly there after, I would think.

As to what that three minute episode will be, I haven't the foggiest. Could be a prequel short waiting for release later this week, could be a short followup to be released next week. Could be a DVD exclusive, like those shorts on the series 6 DVDs. We'll have to wait and see.

After the jump, Strax delivers his field report on Elizabeth I, who plays into the story of missing painted figures (which I swear was the plot to an Eighth Doctor novel), Zygons and the Time War. Somehow...

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