Lake Bell And Simon Pegg Intend To Remain Funny

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've got something of a screen crush on Lake Bell. And why not? She's funny, talented and is on a roll of late. It's been announced that once she finishes with The Coup with Pierce Brosnan, she'll be joining another pair of Brits for her next role, the lead in Man Up.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've got something of a screen crush on Simon Pegg. And why not? He's immensely talented, unabashedly geeky and has a wonderful moustache. He and his producing partner Nira Park have put together Man Up from writer Tess Morris, the story of "a single woman who is on her way to her parents’ anniversary celebration when she’s mistaken for a stranger’s blind date. This mix-up somehow leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend." While that sounds like the standard rom-com tripe, that the film is coming from and will co-star Pegg, and will be directed by Inbetweeners director Ben Palmer suggests that it will have more of an edge to it. One more deserving of Bell's talents.

I, for one, am happy to see Bell being given lead roles now that In A World... has demonstrated her range of abilities. While she had long found success on television, it was too unfair to see her trapped in cinematic supporting roles as best friends and bridesmaids in otherwise unwatchable crap. Her quality in the roles does not excuse the fact that I've sat through two Ashton Kutcher movies to see her work.

Via /Film.
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