Moore Tinkers With SyFy DNA

Ronald Moore hit the big time with his socially relevant and deeply character focused remake of Battlestar Galactica, right up until the moment that the bottom fell out from underneath that series (I'll leave you to figure out if Jane Espenson joining the writing staff around this time was coincidence or not). Since Battlestar ended though, he has struggled to get another project off the ground. Is this because of Battlestar's success overshadowing his followups, or because his work as showing signs of derivation? Series at FOX, ABC and NBC have all been in development on some level, and all scrapped at or before pilot stage. 

Finally, his former nest of the SyFy has given him a chance, ordering 13 episodes sight unseen of a new series, Helix, whose first trailer has arrived. The series follows CDC officers who are brought to an Arctic research base, which is undergoing a viral outbreak of some kind. The series will star Billy Campbell, and Jeri Ryan is confirmed to be appearing in at least one episode. The trailer looks like a mix of X-Files mythology stuff with John Carpenter's Thing (probably not surprising, as Moore wrote the original and unused script for the Thing remake).

We'll have to wait until January 10th before we know if it's a worthy followup to one of the best series of the 2000s.
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