Television Worth Watching Returns In 2014

If the best television today is on cable (it is), then the most consistently enjoyable television on cable is on FX. Which, I'll be honest with you, I did not see coming, but the last half decade have been fantastic for that network, mostly because of the wide birth the creative crews on those shows are given by the management. There is no micromanaging, no constants notes form the Powers That Be. There is a recognition that the people best suited to plot the direction of a series are the ones who are writing that series. And kudos to FX for having the maturity to realise that. they stand pretty much alone in that regard.

The two best shows on FX are Archer and Justified, and the network has confirmed that both of these series will be returning early in the new year. Justified will begin on the 7th of January, on it's home night of Tuesdays, as Raylan takes on the Crowe family. Archer will return the following week, on the 13th, having moved to Monday nights, and will presumably continue to do what it does so well. Also returning will be the interesting, if uneven, Graham Yost produced cold war drama, the Americans, in February

All I know is that Krieger is going to do horrible things to that puppet.

Via Den of Geek.
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