The Bear In The Big (No, Really) House

One aspect of the Desolation of Smaug that has taken a back seat to the lady-elves and the dragon-who-shall-not-be-used-in-marketing is the character of Beorn, which is a shame. Partly because, afterwards, I suspect he's going to be a favourite amongst those new to the material, and because I'm rather found of the character myself. He's been glimpsed, twice and both times only briefly, in the trailers, and both times in his bear form.

One of the many nature-oriented characters in Tolkien's works, Mikael Persbrandt will be playing the 'skin changer" in the film. Originally, the dwarves meeting Beorn would have occurred near the end of the twin Hobbit films, but thanks to the addition of a third, it'll be how the second film opens. This new featurette takes us inside the giant's home, and gives us a glimpse of the dwarves having fun, and how oversized the sets were, but we're left to image what Beorn might look like in costume for a while longer yet.

Via Collider.
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