The Day After The Doctor

Considering how Who-heavy the last month has been, I decided to take a bit of a break from posting Doctor Who related content. And that decision lasted almost one whole day, as the BBC inexplicably decided to stagger the 50th anniversary and the announcement of the Christmas special. We got the trailer on Saturday just fine, but apparently it was too much to tack the name on to the end of that, eh?

So, come the 25th, Matt Smith will exit the series as the Eleventh (or Twelfth, depending on how that all works out) Doctor, and see Peter Capaldi take the reigns in The Time of the Doctor. Not to knock it, but that will make three episodes in a row that end their titles in "Of The Doctor": The Name, The Day and The Time. Either Moffat is going so something of a narrative trilogy with these episodes, or he's getting lazy with his episode names.

The trailer includes shots of Silence, Weeping Angels and Cybermen, and this poster continues that, with a beaten up Cyber-head, and the Silence looming in the distance. Also, Clara has a Christmas cracker. But she already has the paper crown on? What is this, some sort of reverse timey-wimey cracker? This insanity will not stand!

Also, it just occured to me that if Capaldi's first episode isn't called Twelfth Night, I'll be a little disappointed.

Via Den of Geek.
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