The Internet Sucks Today, I Think It Was All The Candy

So, I finally get my act together, focus my attention a bit, and come to find out that the internet is way too focused on what everyone dressed up as last night (for the record, I was 19th President of the United States Rutherford B. Hayes, because I was looking for a costume that would necessitate as little effort with maximum result). So, in place of actual content or information, please enjoy Ze Frank's latest instalment of his educational comedy series True Facts by learning more than you knew yesterday about the Cuttlefish.

Please note that says Cuttle, not Cuddle. You don't want to snuggle with these little bastards.

Via Gamma Squad.
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Adopting the descriptor of "successfully unpublished author", MR. Clark began writing things on the internet in 2012, which he believed to be an entirely reputable and civilized place to find and deliver information. He regrets much.


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