The (Next To) Last Day

50th Mini epsode The Last Day by culttvstuff

Russell T. Davies, who originated the idea of the Time War as a way of removing the Time Lords from Doctor Who, was never one to lay down specific details about the war itself. The most that was know were snatches of unelaborated information that sounds really cool, like the Nightmare Child at the Gates of Elysium, the Cruciform, or the Could-Have-Been King with his army of Meanwhiles and Never-Weres. By the end of Davies' time on the show, the most viewers had seen of the War itself was the attempted salvation of Gallifrey in the closing hours of the war.

Day of the Doctor seems fit to remedy that, by taking us into the last days of the war at least. Billie Piper warns that "the moment is coming," with "the moment" coming into the Doctor's possession being one of the events that made the Time Lords so desperate at the end. The latest short (and last, until Saturday), made available on iTune yesterday and because it's the internet, the internet today, seems to be the moment when the war turned. Called The Last Day, it concerns the previously mentioned Fall of Arcadia, now identified as a city on Gallifrey, and apparently the last defence of the Time Lords.

Since this might be my last chance before Saturday, I don't know what surprises Moffat has waiting for us in the 50th, but I suspect there will be more than a few, considering Eight's sudden appearance last week. And if one of those surprises happens to be a loop hole that makes it possible for the Time Lords to return in some form, I won't be upset with that. The Time Lords get a lot of bad press, but I'm a fan, and while as a writer I understand the dramatic and narrative need for them to have been destroyed, the fan part of me wants the weird robes and terrible hats back. 

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