"The Protein Shake" Has Officially Been Added To The List Of Acceptable Euphemisms

Atlantis wasn't on over the weekend because something else was clogging up the timeslot, so there's no new review today. And it seems as though the Americans have started taking their Thanksgiving break a little early, because things have been a little dry thus far this week in terms of news. So don't expect today's posts to be overly substantive. Case in point, this commerical which was apparently banned because it shows a progression of men not wanking.

Every time I think my tastes have become refined and cultured, I see something like this and am reduced to a giggle fit.

All joking aside, based on sheer quality, I'd take one Doctor Who episode a year the calibre of Day of the Doctor over an ongoing entire series of Atlantis.

Via Uproxx.
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