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Earlier today, when I made my suggestions of which classic Doctor Who serials a newbies to the series should watch first, you might have thought it odd that I didn't specifically mention the first, The Unearthly Child. It's absence shouldn't be misconstrued as a comment about the serial. I left off many serials that are fantastic, and anyone working their way through the years of programming should absolutely find their way into the story that started it all.

But it isn't a serial I'd suggest to introduce the concepts and the themes of the series. Simply put, it was too early on. The BBC, the writers, no one knew what the show was going to be then. And as if to help illustrate this point, here is the first trailer for Mark Gatiss' docudrama, An Adventure in Time and Space, which will air on BBC2 on the 21st of November. Starring David Bradley as William Hartnell and Brian Cox as Sydney Newman, the film concerns the creation of the programme back in the early 1960s, and until recently, I was looking more forward to it than I was the Day of the Doctor.

Now, I'd say they're about even.
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