This Is Christmas

If we weren't spoiled enough by the 50th special, and by Peter Davison's superior-in-a-different-sort-of-way tribute to the series, after all was said and done with Doctor Who's celebrations, it reminded us, if only briefly, that it's not going anywhere. In almost exactly a month it will return, and Matt Smith will depart the series. From the short look, it seems as though Moffat might be in mind to wrapping up some of the many plot threads he's left dangling the last three series, as the Doctor makes his way back to Trenzalore.

And if that weren't enough, we also got another trailer for series 3 of Sherlock. Still no definitive word on a broadcast date in the UK, but I was right about them putting something with Day of the Doctor, so I'm putting money on my being right about a Christmas or Christmas-adjacent premiere date. Again, only a brief look, but long enough to let us know that Sherlock's survival doesn't remain a secret for very long.

You can see that preview after the jump.

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