When Star Trek Turns 50, Will It Show It's Age?

Star Trek turns 50 in 2016. One would think that an appropriate way to celebrate this event would be with a new film, perhaps a new series. It's far enough away that, if they (and I mean Paramount and CBS, which hold various bits of the rights to the franchise in their own convoluted ways) started working on it now, they could have something akin to the all out celebration that the BBC and Britain in general is rolling out for Doctor Who's half-centennial. I mean, Star Trek is only the single most culturally significant and influential bit of science fiction ever, so that might be something that is drawn attention to.

I have no doubt another film will come, but as long as Bad Robot is involved, I struggle to care. Reports from over the weekend suggest that Paramount is interested in Attack the Block director (and upcoming Ant-Man co-writer) Joe Cornish taking over the directors chair, replacing the happily departed J.J. Abrams, who is having what sounds like nothing but problems with the next Star Wars film. If this were true, that might be something, but really it's just another rumour, added to a list of other potential new directors to a film that Paramount only seems tenuously interested in considering Into Darkness' tepid critical response and plateaued financial take at the box office.

Kurtzman and Orci will still be writing the thing, and gods help us all if they are given the directive to be even more referential to the past in honour of the 50th anniversary. And if you're wondering why I'm reporting this when I last said I was washing my hands of the entire franchise, it's because there wasn't anything else worth reporting on a Monday morning. That bodes well for the rest of the day.

Via Collider.
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