He's Not The King Of Monsters, He's Their God

Despite the fact that I thought Pacific Rim was a load of hot garbage, I'm a big fan of monster movies, and you literally don't get any more monstrous than the original, proper Godzilla. And while I can appreciate culture that drove the evolution of the character over the decades, since Legendary announced Gareth Edwards' update, what I've wanted more than anything is a return to the brutality and sincerity of the original. Not a horror film, but a film filled with horror.

This first trailer, which is a very effective tease, is a strong indicator that that is exactly what Edwards has done, on the back of Frank Darabont's script which returns the beast to his "force of nature" ways. And, skewing the usual "lets make them wait" style of marketing that has been embraced by films like The Hobbit or Cloverfield, this first trailer gives us a pretty decent look at Godzilla himself, in a less cinematic and more personal perspective kind of way. A person on the ground would be incapable of beholding the entire creature all at once, and that's the sort of glimpse we've gotten of him here.

Hit the jump for a few stills from the film, including Bryan Cranston and the main event himself.

Via Collider.
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