How To Show Off Your Dragon

Despite the fact that Smaug should have been as front and centre in the Desolation of Smaug marketing campaign as Gollum was in the Unexpected Journey promotions, he hasn't been. You have a movie about a dragon, a sure fire (ha) way to attract attention to yourself, and anyone unfamiliar with the books wouldn't even know who or what Smaug is.

So, we're a little under two weeks left until the second part of the hobbit is released, and they've only now released the first full image of Smaug. And it wasn't in a trailer, or still, or production video. It was on the side of an airplane, as part of their partnership with Air New Zealand. Which, to be fair, is a pretty effective way to show off your dragon. I just can't help but think that this should have happened a month ago.

Via Collider.
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