It's Almost Time

The BBC has given us a longer, proper trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special The Time of the Doctor, and to be honest it's not much of one. It's primary focus is entirely on the fact that, at some point during the episode, Matt Smith will die and be replaced by Peter Capaldi. Beyond that, so we learn very little about the meat of the episode. 

We see Orla Brady in character, being a bit shouty, and it establishes that the Doctor's worst enemies are converging on Trenzalore, but little else (are they there, drawn by the Doctor's presence, of vice versa?). The Silence, that makes sense considering all the build up they've received, but exactly what do the Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels have to do with it, and how would getting all of those folks involved be considered a "minor skirmish" as the Great Intelligence described it.

I don't expect we'll be getting any better a look at the special between now and Christmas, though if Moffat and co. remain consistent, we should be looking forward to an internt minisode between now and then.
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