Simon Pegg Will Appear In Absolutely Anything

As I previously reported, along with the official reunion of Monty Python this coming summer, the old boys (minus Eric Idle) will also be reuniting for the film Absolutely Anything, to be directed by Terry Jones (his first film since 1996's Wind in the Willows). The film concerns “a disillusioned school teacher who suddenly finds he has magical powers, bestowed upon him by aliens.” The Pythons will be voicing the aliens, and Robin Williams has apparently been tapped to provide the voice of the school teacher's dog.

It was previously announced that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had signed up to play Neil Clarke, the man effected by the aliens, but since it appears he's currently signed on to appear in every film between now and the start of the next decade, he's had to drop out. To replace him, Jones has tapped a far better fit in this sort of role, Simon Pegg. Pegg's own schedule is filling up quickly, with roles in the next Mission: Impossible and Star Trek films on the horizon, as well as the romantic comedy Man Up opposite Lake Bell, and three films he currently has in post production. Add to that his presumed role in the Tintin sequel, and Pegg isn't looking at much down time any time soon.

Which is only good news for us.

Via Collider.
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