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I don't usually pay attention to dictionary announcements this time of year. You know, when the publisher try to look hip by "adding" a word to the dictionary, something that encapsulates the previous year, usually something incredibly trendy and utterly meaningless. For instance, this year, the Oxford Dictionary chose selfie as it's word of the year. Yeah...

As a bit of a shining light at the end of the linguistic tunnel, Merriam-Webster has chosen the word science, which scores over the other guys selections by actually being a word, and gets double points for actually using a scientific rationale for their selection. The word saw a 176% increase in use on their website, putting it ahead of cognitive (158%) and rapport (145%). So, rather then go for the highest trending term on Twitter, or the one that got the most up votes on reddit, in a desperate appeal to remain relevant, whilst also transparently trying to appear hip, M-W has went with simply doing their job. And I say bully for them. In a year that saw a new surge of exoplanets discovered, the earliest known photo of the infant universe taken, saw Peter Higgs win the Nobel prize, saw a massive space rock explode over Russia, and saw the end of Breaking Bad, science deserved to be the word of the year. Of course, science deserves to be the word of the year every year.

Now we just have to get over the rather humbling fact that 176% more people had to look up the word science to know what it meant.

Via Time.
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