There's No Point In Killing A Bad Priest. But Killing A Good One...

Remember when John Cleese released Fierce Creatures, and said it was more an "equal than a sequel" to A Fish Called Wanda? All the same actors, but not related to the previous story at all? I suppose the same can be sort of said about Calvary, the new film from John Michael McDonagh. His previous movie, the fantastic The Guard, starred Brendan Gleeson, as does this, though I suppose that's where the connections between the two end (Calvary was written while they were making The Guard, as a kind of intentional corollary to the first film).

Calvary is set in a small Irish town, and concerns a threat made against the local minister (Gleeson), who then has to try to figure out which of his parishioners (including Chris O'Dowd, Kelly Reilly, Aidan Gillen, and Dylan Moran) wants him dead. Despite the vaguely Christie sounding plot, and that it's billed as a black comedy, the trailer, which looks equally fantastic, seems much more somber that either of those two others descriptors, and I feel stands to be one of the highlights of  2014.
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