This five minute long minisode that sees Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock cross over with Matt Smith's Doctor Who is not real. Though, you might be forgiven for thinking it is. This isn't your run of the mill mashup, cutting in clips from the various shows in clever ways. This is a full on digital undertaking.

Uploader John Smith has rendered an entirely original environment here, and manipulated footage and audio from the shows to his own liking. Which means that we can have Sherlock stroll onto the TARDIS next-to-as-naturally as if he actually had. This, frankly, is amazing. And must have been a monumental amount of work, one whose seams are very well hidden. All the kudos to you, sir.

The things that most impressed me? The unique TARDIS dematerialization effect at the end. Very cool.

Via The Mary Sue.
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