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NBC rarely passes up an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot. Take, for instance, the recent success of their Sound of Music live show, which brought in stupidly high ratings for the Peacock, and that set all the executive's brains to "musicals=good." So, next year they'll be putting on a live version of Peter Pan, which will probably result in someone getting maimed on a rigging wire a la Spider-man: Turn Off The somethingsomething. The single minded focused approach has never served NBC well; just ask their dozens of failed Friends clones that are currently being rummaged through out back by raccoons and street tramps, desperate for warmth and finding none in NBC's trite 18-35 demo exploitations.

What was my point? Oh yes... NBC has renewed Parks and Rec for another season. And while I will wholeheartedly celebrate another year of Ron Swanson, Andy Dwyer and "the throbbing, turgid boner" of a programme they exist on, part of me kind of wanted the show to end this year, for quality control reasons. The producers should have learned from the Office about the dangers of over staying your welcome. This season wrote off two major characters because they'd run out ideas for them, and while I've enjoyed this season, it hasn't been operating at a level consistent with previous seasons. Until this past week's bacon and employee of the week jokes, I was thinking to myself that there hasn't been a truly great Swanson moment in a long time.

It won't help matters that the cast have all become movie stars in the time since the show began. While Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman might be able to arrange their indie film schedules around the show, Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt are increasingly becoming Hollywood leads. Pratt already missed out on half of this season while filming Guardians of the Galaxy, and I can't imagine that Jurassic World won't interfere with next season. The rest of the cast might get a trip to Hawaii out of it, but it'll mean less Andy for us. Again.

I personally believe that five years is the maximum a show should last, no matter the quality, and discounting those first terrible six episodes, that's what Parks would have by this season's end: five solid seasons. So, congrats to the cast and the writers for another season. Just, don't wear out your welcome.

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