From Another Dusk Til Dawn

From Dusk Til Dawn is the only one of Robert Rodriguez' films that I really love. Sin City is alright, The Facility is fine, and Desperado is enjoyable. But I've never felt that way about his films. Certainly not in the same way that I feel about his friend Quentin's movies. Except Dusk, mostly because of the sharp right turn the narrative takes half way through. It's experimental film-plotting, and it works wonders. What the near endless direct to market sequels had working against them is that the twist is already twisted, so they just became excessively violent vampire films.

It's with that in mind that I'm hesitant to get excited about the Rodriguez backed TV adaptation of the the original film. It's absolutely certain that no one will come close to matching Tarantino and Clooney's chemistry, and again, we already know that all roads lead to the Titty Twister. So I struggle with the why, other than perpetrating yet another nostalgia driven reboot of a once popular franchise for the sake of filling in time. I need to know there is a purpose to it's existence other than a familiar name. What new will the TV series bring to this particular tale that the film missed out on?
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