Fry Takes A Day

My interest in 24: Live Another Day has been less than nothing. I gave up on 24 long before it finished, back when Jack Bauer had only died a couple times. And in perfect TV exectutive logic, becuase it was once popular, it must still be, and I have a feeling they'll be disappointed when they launch this London based miniseries followup and no one turns in because the viewership has moved on.

I will admit though that my interest has been peaked with the announcement that Stephen Fry has joined the cast. Fry will play the recurring character of Trevor Davies, British Prime Minister, who is "a strong and charismatic leader whose friendship with President Heller (William Devane), and the Anglo-American alliance itself, comes under tremendous pressure because of personal and political crises." And if I remember 24 correctly, he'll probably die in an explosion.

Will I turn in? Probably not. But Fry's involvement will mean I'll be keeping at least one eye on the series as it develops.

Via Den of Geek.
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