Help Us Veronica, You're Our Only Hope

For the sake of argument, let's say I've been off for two weeks. Now, usually this time of year is safe from major news breaking, but I've still got a pile of stuff to sort through, so the next couple days might be stuff you already know, that I'm just getting to. Stay with me, I'll catch up, and be to my normal only-a-day-behind self in no time.

Case in point, the first real trailer for Veronica Mars. Most of the footage is stuff we've already seen in the online teases, but this is a trailer designed to play in actual cinetoriums. Before real movies, not just provide desperate bilge sites like this one click bait. This is the first real world proof that this movie is actually going to be a thing come March, which is just fantastic.

Unlike Veronica's decision making, as this footage reminds us.
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