In For A Penny, In for A Pound

I like covering the build up towards the premiere of Penny Dreadful, because I get to see how many "penny" and/or "dreadful" puns I can come up with for article titles (note: they are all dreadful).

Anyway, there is a new teaser out for the series, and an image of the cast which I've included after the jump. It's important to point out, I feel, that despite the "psychosexual horror series" promising to "weave together the origins of literary horror characters" in Victorian London, none of the main cast are themselves playing public domain characters, which will hopefully separate it from the likes of NBC's horrible Dracula, or FOX's Sleepy Hollow or intended League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Personally, what I'm looking most forward to is Timothy Dalton playing a Big Game Hunter (ask me one-on-one, and I might admit that Dalton is my favourite Bond, but I'd never say such a thing in public - what? Oh sh...). The rest just looks like good fun.

Good, bloody, nuded-up Victorian fun.

Via Collider.
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