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You know what I bet Rob Thomas would be great at? Marriage counseling. Because he never gives up on anything. He had his series Cupid cancelled on him, so he stuck that in his back pocket, and years later convinced ABC to bring it back (when it was cancelled again). Party Down gets axed, he obsesses over getting a film made. Veronica Mars ends prematurely, he spends ten years successfully developing a cinematic follow up. Plus a series of post-film books. And, now it seems a sort-of spin-off series.

Thomas and the CW have announced that CW Seed, the original digital output of the mostly teen-oriented network (and previous home of Veronica Mars), will produce a new mockumentary-esque series starring Ryan Hansen, whose career began playing Dick Casablancas, as himself attempting to get a Dick spinoff made. Think of it like Episodes, except with every available opportunity for former Veronica Mars and Party Down cast members to guest star.

Hansen is a fantastic comedic actor, especially when paired with Martin Starr as a foil, so here's hoping he pops up often in this offering. At the very least, it'll be an opportunity for lots of Dick jokes.

Via Uproxx.
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