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When season two of the Newsroom ended, it's future was unknown. The season had ended in a fairly series-finale-ish way, and Sorkin was shifting his focus to a Steve Jobs bio-pic for Sony, which he had postponed in order to do the Newsroom. Well, Sorkin has apparently finished that film, and is ready to dive back into last year's news. The twist? This will be the final season of the Newsroom. Said HBO Programming Director Michael Lombardo, "The Newsroom is classic Aaron Sorkin — smart, riveting and thought-provoking. I’m sure this farewell season will be one to remember."

Added to the behind the scenes staff is former Office writer/actor/producer Paul Lieberstein as an executive producer, I suspect probably to make certain that scripts get in on time. Important, considering last year's first third rewrite that cost them an entire episode. And considering that Sorkin, left to his own devices, takes his time on projects, but HBO seems keen to get the season filming in the spring, so they can air it in the fall. Now, so long as he focuses on the right news stories, everything will be fine (and hey, my crazy idea about having Olivia Munn's character go on the Daily Show while John Oliver was hosting is now that much easier that John Oliver is a fellow employee of HBO)

The sort of good news about HBO cancelling the show is that, along with the announcement that Boardwalk Empire is ending after it's next season, this frees up some budget at HBO, for shows like the new and popular True Detective, and the ever-forthcoming American Gods. It also means the notoriously cancel-happy network is less likely to cut Game of Thrones budget to make up the difference. Heck, they might even find a couple more bucks to pushed Westeros' way.

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