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I think the record will show that I am a fan of Lego. I also feel, in various ways, as though I've made my thoughts on The Simpson's known. Bring the two together, and you'd think we'd have a party, yes? Well...

Lego has proved a large number of high-res photos to promote their soon to be released, 2,523-piece 742 Evergreen Terrace set, which will retail for $200 US, and includes in minifig form the entire Simpsons clan, plus Flanders (instead of Grandpa). The set is huge, and an impressive design, in which every room is included in the fully enclosed house. I like a lot of things about this set. I like that, on the box art, Maggie is holding what appears to be an axe. I like that the wheelbarrow has "Property of Ned Flaunders" on it. I like the attention to detail each room has been given.

What I don't like is the way the set bifurcates the rooms, resulting in weird segments, and a hall door hanging in mid air (which, when the set is closed, you can't access anyway). While I like that the house is complete, but I dislike that it hinges in the middle, rather than have a removable back wall (something akin to the Bag's End Hobbit set). And I dislike the eyes on the minifigs. I don't know which artist decided on everyone having weird eyes rather than going with the standard Simpsons wide-eyed stare (as they have done with Maggie). Margie looks like she's trying to be seductive, Homer looks tired, Lisa looks fraught, and Bart looks... actually Bart looks seedy, and that works. So, Bart and Maggie have eyes that don't look bizarre. That, and I'd prefer it if the torso pieces were more generic of the characters looks rather than customised (Flanders and Marge without aprons, Homer without a tie).

I probably won't be dropping the $200 to buy this; I can think of other ways to spend that much money. But if me from twenty years ago had access to this, there wouldn't have been a force on this or any other earth that could have stopped it form being mine.

Funny how a couple decades can mellow a person, isn't it?

Hit the jump for photos of the set.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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