Thor: The Dark World Nearly Included More Kick Ass Women

Last year, I advocated the use of both Thor villainous The Enchantress, and love interest Valkyrie in any potential third Thor film. I still advocate this, though unless they get rid of either Sif or Jane (neither of which should happen), they should avoid introducing a third love interest to the Thunder God's roaster. Turns out, there might have been a time when the Valkyrie's introduction came in the Dark World.

John Nizzi is a concept artist. On his deviantart page, he's revealed some more of the material he put together for Thor 2, including three images of Valkyrie (one above, and two more after the jump). Now, concept art is hardly a sign of intent, but clearly someone on the production (be it Marvel, or the director) was interested in what a MCU variant Valkyrie would look like. There wasn't an obvious place in the narrative for her, so I'm betting that if it had come to pass, it would have been an Easter egg, perhaps hidden in the opening battle sequence in Vanaheim.

Or, maybe someone at Marvel just really wanted a professional-grade illustration of a she-Thor riding a winged horse. Who knows. But with the sever lack of female heroes present in the present MCU, hopefully this is a sign that they intend on moving more in that direction. The trick is getting the character off the concept board and onto the screen.

Hit the jump for the additional images, included the winged Aragorn (which would be an... interesting element to introduce to the MCU).

Via Uproxx.
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