Two Blokes Go To Italy, Make Voices At Each Other

In 2011, IFC Films released The Trip, starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, as they take a tour of bed and breakfasts and manage to bicker and do impressions at each other. The film wasn't great, mostly because it was a heavily edited down version of the six episode BBC TV series The Trip. The film essentially cut together the best of their improve dialogue, without any of the context or better character development.

The series was a hit for the BBC, so they commissioned a second series (to air this year), which IFC have gotten their hands onto and reedited into a sequel, The Trip To Italy. this time, the film will precede the series, essentially turning the TV version into a director's cut of the film. This clip isn't a trailer per say, but it does show Coogan and Brydon duelling with one of their better impressions, Michael Caine.

I'd still wait for the series, me.

Via Collider.
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