Well, If Twitter Likes It, It Must Be Good

I'm not going to lie: this site is probably going to be pretty Muppet heavy for the next couple months. Indeed, expect March to be as Muppet-centric as November was Doctor Who-oriented.

And we shall start with this early television spot. Remember during the last film's release, when they made all those brilliant parody trailers based on what else was being released that year (Hunger Games, Twilight, etc.)? Well, it looks like they've hired the same advertising agency this tie around, because they are at it again, this time with a parody of the sort of crap twitter and blog comments that promotions have started adding to movie trailers and posters, because some movies have to be that desperate to find a kind word said about them.

It's nice to have the Muppets back. But that's always true.
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