You Either Die A Villian, Or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Still-A-Villian

The Oscar nominations were announced today, and everyone is getting all excited about them, except for me. I couldn't care less about the Oscars. Though, I will say that this is the first list of nominees I've seen in years where everyone nominated deserves to be so, and there were no obvious or unfair omissions. And in several categories (like Best Actress for instance), there is no obvious winner. This year's nominees were that good.

But enough about that nonsense. Marvel has released the first clip from their most recent one-shot, All Hail The King, a followup to Iron Man 3 featuring Ben Kingsley as Trevor "The Mandarin" Slattery. The Mandarin reveal in IM3 was a contentious point of that film, which people tend to either love or hate. Personally, I thought it was brilliant, and further proof that Shane Black not only thinks differently from a normal person, but uses that to be a better writer than the rest of us.

I also dig the 70's exploitation vibe Marvel went with on this one.
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