All Men Must Die

I was just having a conversation with someone about HBO's motif's for the Game of Thrones season thus far. Season one was Ned and the throne, season two was a crown, and season three was the dragon. While season three wasn't particularly dragon-y (no more than any of the others), it made sense considering that dragons are probably the most associated element with the series in the public mind set. But those three images pretty much expended the series specific iconography, leaving only general fantasy elements, like a sword or a broken shield, to adorn future season's DVD box sets.

This deluge of posters from HBO suggests that they've either went with the text-based Valar Morghulis, or the three eyed crow for the present season. I'd side with the crow if the above image weren't so obviously computer generated. In fact, that poster up top is pretty "intro to photoshop" for an official product. The crap load of character specific poster after the jump are better (but only just), and a reminder that this show has the biggest friggin' cast on TV.

Does anyone else think it's weird that characters like Daario, Oberyn and Tormund get posters, but Stannis, Davos and Sam don't?

Via /Film.
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