Back Off Man, I'm A Builder

Lego Cuusoo continues to make excellent choices (though I'm still bummed that Muppet Lego didn't happen... yet) in their official selections. Minecraft was a perfect fit, and the Back to the Future set was fantastic (three time machines in one!). But they will undoubtedly pale in comparison to the just announced and official Ghostbusters set.

The video above was the submission to Cuusoo, which included the amazingly detailed Ghostbusters HQ, which sadly hasn't been approved for production. What we will be getting is all four Busters, plus the Ecto-1. Which will make a nice pair with the DeLorean (I guess it is too much to ask for a Slimer minifig to go along with it)

Now, if someone could get Lego to make a Roger Rabbit set, that'd be my three favourite eighties movies Legoized. I guess I'll have to settle for two for now.

Via Gamma Squad.
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