Continuum Returns

I've made no secret over my enthusiastic liking of Continuum. For my money, it's the best science fiction series on television right now. Intelligent without being pretentious, complex without being impenetrable, fun without being corny. And it's a Canadian show! Yay us!

The second season was masterful in the way it dug into the mythology of the show, and dealt with the complexities of time travel, and left we viewers with so many questions. But in a way that wasn't frustrating, like so many other arc-based mythology building shows. We were all clamouring for season 3, and it's nearly here. The third season of the Rachel Nichols lead series will begin on Showcase on March 16th (Showcase has branded that date the "world premiere," but I am uncertain as to when Syfy intends on airing the new season - sorry Americans). March and April, by quirk of scheduling, will be heavy with shows I'm inclined to review, but make no mistake, Continuum reviews will be front and centre.

And if this teaser is any indication, things might be getting a little Back to the Future Part 2 on us this year. I can't hardly wait!

Via Showcase.
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