Forces of Earth And Asgard Assemble

Courtesy of Marvel Television Studios

Marvel has released the first image of Jamie Alexander as the Lady Sif, as she will appear on Agents of SHIELD. Her episode, which will see the team lend the Asgardian aid as she hunts for the witch Lorelei under orders from Odin (cough), will air on ABC on March 11th. Because everyone is taking the Olympics off, which is really starting to egg my car. If I don't care about international sporting events, I don't feel like I should be punished by having the TV I am interested in postponed (as has been done with Archer, Parks and Rec, Community, SHIELD, and next week's Justified).

In other MCU news, Avengers: Age of Ultron officially went into production today, with Joss Whedon's even more character heavy film beginning it's shoot in Johannesburg, before cycling through Italy and South Korea before settling in London to finish the principle photography. The film, which sees all of the Avengers return, as well as several news faces working for the forces of good and evil, has also upgraded Paul Bettany from being able to literally phone in his performance as JARVIS to actually having to show up, as he'll be playing the Vision. This makes one assume that Vision, as created by Ultron, will be a physical upgrade to the JARVIS AI. I would be remiss in my own self promotion  if I failed to mention that, back when we all thought Coulson was a robot, I had a similar theory about JARVIS being involved with Ultron's creation. While I was almost entirely wrong, I was write enough to mention it here and pad out this entry.

So consider that accomplished.

Via Den of Geek.
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