Found: One Head, Very Old, Slightly Fossilized

The dinosaur capital of the world, Drumheller, Alberta, has produced yet another amazing find. The University of Calgary unveiled a nearly complete Pachyrhinosaurus skull last week, the first found in half a century in the dinosaur-rich city, the first belonging to a mature male of the species, and the first in such complete condition.

Prof. Darla Zelenitsky, who headed the team that discovered and excavated the skull, said “So far, the upper part of the skull has been exposed and the skull will be flipped over to prepare the lower part, including the jaws. There are still many months of work necessary in order to clean the entire skull." Because the skull is believed to belong to a mature male, it will provide important information regarding the life cycle of the 26 foot long, 72 million year old ceratops.

Some might recognize the Pachyrhinosaurus as the star of the recent and abysmal Walking With Dinosaurs 3D. Which is a shame because the animal, with it's distinctive and ornamented crest and flat, thick boney plank above the beak (instead of the usual horns) deserves more public attention. Sadly, with the lackluster reception Walking received, poor ol' Pachyrhinosaur might have to spent a few more years in relative obscurity.

Via the Globe and Mail.
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