I'm Hooked On A Feeling

And that feeling is one of glee. The first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has arrived, and everything about it is fantastic looking. Aesthetically, the film looks fantastic; the make up, set design and CG all look suitably alien (it helps that James Gunn is a user of practical effects on top of CG). Content wise, this is clearly a Gunn film, propping up tropes just to knock them down with a heavily sarcastic sense of humour. And the characters look like they're ready to be impressive.

On top of all that, Marvel has crafted the perfect first trailer for the film. It introduces the concepts, rather than diving into plot, which is important because Marvel can't bank on prior knowledge for this film. Guardians is being called one of the biggest risks both of the year, and of Marvel's film series, because it is introducing a very different kind of film full of characters that very few are familiar with. And I'm so very excited about that. I've felt since the announcement that Guardians has the potential to be Marvel's diamond in the rough, and from this first, brief look, Gunn has managed just that.

Also, I'm guessing that this trailer has had some subtle editing in terms of language and content, that might be bumped up in the final release. "A-holes" seems a little bowdlerized.

Hit the jump for a pile of pictures.

Via Collider.
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