It's Always Time To Play The Music

One of the best things about the Muppet Show was how every song sung across all five seasons was a cover. Traditional folk, Victorian poetry, and contemporary rock (the Muppets version of What's It Worth is still one of my favourite pieces they ever did). It was brilliant, because it showed not only the talents and range of the cast, but also because they didn't have to get bogged down in writing original songs every week, and could concentrate on the humour (they saved the original songs for the films, where they became classics). Of course, it's for this very reasons that only three heavily edited seasons have been released on DVD, because of fussy copyright lawyers who hate joy.

Last week, Jimmy Fallon stepped away from Late Night and into The Tonight Show. And his final act was to perform a full rendition of The Weight by The Band, with The Muppets. Even Robin and Rizzo were there! Yes, they are in heavy promotion for their new film, but it's stuff like this that serves as additional reminder that a modern Muppet Show would work just as well as the original. And yes, at this point, I am waging a one man campaign for Disney to bring back the Muppet Show proper.

Damn, I think my eyes are leaking.

Via Uproxx.
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