It's Not Magic, It's Talent

I think we can all agree on certain things concerning Mike Judge. King of the Hill, brilliant. Office Space, genius. Idiocracy, remarkable  Bevis and Butthead... um, timely? Extract... exists! The point is, he produces things that a lot of people find amusing. And he's trying again, on HBO. Silicon Valley looks like it's more in the vein of Office Space than anything, tackling the world of competitive tech innovation. Think a more sarcastic version of The Social Network, only because Judge doesn't mind cussing when he can, with more cussing. And it's got Martin Starr in it, and that's pretty much all I needed to know.

The comedy premieres April 6th, the same night as Game of Thrones. Which, along with the later premiere of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, makes for a very interesting lineup.
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