John Henson Had Died

John Henson, the second youngest of the children of Jim Henson, died suddenly on Friday after suffering a massive heart attack; he was 48. John was not as involved in the Henson Company as other of his siblings, though he did temporarily take up the role of Sweetums for a time, following the 1992 death of Richard Hunt. John's death comes less than a year after his mother Jane's death last April, and is a stark reminder of his father Jim's passing at the equally early age of 53, in 1990.

John is survived by his wife and two daughters, one of whom was with him when he suffered his attack. While the Henson family no longer have an legal ties to the Muppets, such a tragedy occurring so close to the release of a new Muppet film will no doubt overshadow the lasting legacy of their family. 

Via CNN.

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