Knick Knack, Paddywhack

While at one time TV was treated like film's ginger-headed step brother, now all the big names are coming to the small screen. Right now you've got David Fincher and Kevin Spacey on House of Cards, Don Cheadle on House of Lies, Kevin Bacon is leading The Following, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are killing it on True Detective, and it seems like every new show that gets announced has an A-Lister in the cast or behind the scenes. This is only a good thing.

For instance, Cinemax (who is desperate to get away from the perspective that they are only good for late night soft core porn) is entering the original content cable network war with Knick, a new series starring Clive Owen and directed by "retired" director Steven Soderbergh. While the brief teaser above might seem a little Dexter, the premise is promising. Set in 1900's New York at the Knickerbocker Hospital, it follows a surgeon in a time when medical science was still risky business, and cutting into a person was as potentially deadly as not. Given that it's Soderbergh, I think we can expect something unique and unexpected from what would traditionally be a period piece, but this trailer doesn't give us any indication of what they might be. I guess we'll have to wait for some real footage before getting properly excited about this one.
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