Marvel Still Holds All the Cards

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Between Avengers: Age of Ultron starting to film in South Africa, Kevin Feige's recent comments that a Black Widow solo film might still be in the works, and the release of yet another trailer for Amazing Spider-man 2 (a film I still cannot get excited about), it's as a good a time as any for an info-graphic to clearly explain where the rights to various Marvel characters stand, and who we might be able to expect to pop up in future MCU offerings.

Feige and Marvel have been doing a decent job bringing the previous loosed chickens home to roost over the last couple years, so "Everything Else" is a pretty good description of what Marvel themselves own. My guess is, Namor and Man-Thing will probably be welcomed back into the fold in the next couple years, as I can't see either of those two characters getting their own film any time soon. Spidey and the mutants though, they're on their own; they ain't never coming home.

But really, Lionsgate? Man-thing?

Via ComicsAlliance.
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