Pavlovian Conditioning At It's Most Adorable

I like Parks and Rec. You like Parks and Rec (if you know what's good for ya). Greg doesn't like Parks and Rec, but he's going through some things, and will come to his senses in time. But this baby loves Parks and Rec. Note how, when the theme starts, he stops whatever he is doing, in order to dance. Note how when the theme starts to reach it's crescendo (about the time Chris Pratt show up on screen), he stops dancing and starts giggling like a goon. That is the appropriate response.

This kid is going to be fine. His parents are doing things right - so far. Though they should start him/her/it on the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness soon. Poop in your pants as long as you want, kid, but you need to understand the perils of Skim Milk and importance of Property Rights early on. Otherwise you might end up as some kind of man child, soft and prone to wearing velvet.

Via Uproxx.
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